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UNSCR 2250

Youth must be provided with meaningful opportunities for advancing peace and security, so that everyone has the chance to live a good life without fear and violence.

The resolution is important because it…

Supports young people as active participants in building the peace

Instead of seeing youth as victims or perpetrators, the resolution recognizes the role youth play as active agents for sustainable peace. Youth must be included in decision-making at all levels.

Advances representation and participation

UNSCR 2250 calls for member states to take into consideration the needs and views of youth and to include young people in peace processes at all phases.

Strengthens cooperation between different sectors

Peace work must be inclusive. The resolution promotes cooperation between the UN, governments, civil society, youth organizations, the private sector and other actors.

Provides tools to tackle violent extremism

Majority of young people want to live in a peaceful world. Youth possess great potential for tackling violence and violent extremism. Youth should also play a key role in achieving sustainable peace. States together with the international community should invest in quality education and employment opportunities for young people.

Improves practices to ensure youth participation is meaningful

The resolution requests the UN Secretary General to study positive youth engagement in peace processes and conflict resolution. Better informed decision-making will result in improved practices and approaches for sustainable peace.

Ensures accountable follow-up

The resolution requests an annual discussion in the UN Security Council on the progress of the resolution.

It is of utmost importance that building and maintaining peace and security includes youth involvement at all levels; from our own communities to national and international levels.

The title of resolution 2250 is “Maintenance of International Peace and Security” which is a reference to Chapter 7, Article 39 in the UN Charter. Security Council Resolutions under Chapter 7 are binding.