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The goal of the UN's Youth, Peace and Security resolution is to guarantee the conditions for young people to participate in the promotion of peace and security.

Every fourth young person in the world, a total of about 600 million people, lives in fragile countries suffering from conflict or recovering from it. However, young people are often left out of the official decision-making and peace processes. The resolution recognizes the active role of the youth in the field of peace and security.

This resolution (2250) and subsequent resolutions adopted in 2018 and 2020 (2419 (Visit an external site. The link opens in a new tab.) and 2535) call on UN member states to take the needs, perspective and rights of young people into account in peace processes.

Active inclusion of youth is the key to promote peace and prevent extremism.

And why do we use ‘2250’? Each UN resolution is numbered. The UN resolution on youth, peace and security holds the number 2250.