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Join Finland’s UNSCR 2250 efforts

Young people should be seen as significant actors when building peace. Join the network to promote Youth, Peace and Security in Finland!

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What is the Youth, Peace and Security agenda about?

The UN Security Council accepted the Youth, Peace and Security resolution (2250) in 2015. In the resolution countries accepted that there is no sustainavle peace without the help of youth.
Peacekeeping requires youth participation and opportunities.

How were young people involved in the creation of Finland’s national action program?

In 2018, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finlanf announced that Finland would start planning a national action program to implement the Youth, Peace and Security agenda. Young people were heard by organizing consultations and distributing a peace survey with the help of stakeholders from the organizations involved in the 2250 network.

What are the goals of Youth, Peace and Security Network?

The Finnish Youth, Peace and Security Network is an open group for everyone interested n peace and security issues. Our goal is to strengthen the peace work done by young people at home and abroad, and to bring young people to the core of Finland’s foreign policy.

Why should I join the Youth, Peace and Security Network?

The network is a free and open platform where young people and non-governmental organizations come togethter to learn from each other and promote youth participation in peace and security issues.

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